switch to solarIn the past, people who wanted to switch to solar energy had to have their own panels installed on their roof. This was a big investment and not many were willing or able to do it. Now there is an easier way! People can now switch from traditional electricity suppliers and start using green electricity through renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs).

This agreement allows you to pay for clean energy upfront at rates that are competitive with your current electric bill. You don’t need any special equipment or permits, either – just sign up for a PPA plan and enjoy the benefits of switching over!

Benefits of Switching to Solar:

– You can switch over and still have your current electric company handle the transmission (you are not losing anything).

– PPA rates are competitive with what you’re paying now for electricity – or cheaper! And it’s renewable, so good for our environment.

– You don’t need any special equipment for a PPA plan, or any permits – just sign up and enjoy!

– Switching to solar power is the best way to be green. You can start saving money on your electric bills today by switching to solar.

How Solar Works:

The sun has always been the natural resource that generates energy without us having to do anything. And solar panels are just tuned in so that they can use the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity for us to use- either right away or at a later time when we need it more, like during the night.

Process of switching to solar

– Solar panels are installed on the roof of your home, generating electricity that is sent to you via a power line.

– The size and shape of solar panels will depend on how much energy it produces and what type of property they’re mounted onto.

-The cost for installation can range from $15,000-$25,000.

-Your monthly electricity bill can be as little as $20-$30 a month after the installation is complete, which will then last for 20 years or more with no additional costs.

-You may also qualify for solar tax credits and federal grants to help pay off your installation cost.

Learn more at EnergySage

Over the past few years, EnergySage has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners evaluate their solar options. Up until March 2016, it was challenging for consumers to find an impartial and transparent source that could help them understand how much they can save by switching from conventional electricity to clean energy.

The team at EnergySage is dedicated to making the process of switching to solar more convenient and efficient. They provide homeowners with unbiased feedback on whether or not their home is a good candidate for a solar installation.

If you’re ready to take that first step, EnergySage will connect you with pre-approved installers in your area who are excited about helping new customers save money on their electricity bills.

EnergySage is here to make the process of switching to solar work for you. What are you waiting for? Get started by entering your zip code on EnergySage’s website today!