Go solar

The idea for switchingtosolarpv.com is to enable online users interested to go solar or going green, find tools, solar panels review  or relevant information to help them make informed decisions. 

Online tools shared here could be online solar panel calculators, carbon footprint calculators, solar PV technology reviews, or just well researched information that help online users determine their best choices whether is the best solar panels, solar panels review or going green principles depending on their needs and wants.  

Solar panel calculators recommended here may not provide exact figures, but provide good estimates on solar potential, savings and costs because they utilize Light Detection and Ranging data (LiDAR).

LiDAR is the most accurate form of topographical data used to create three-dimensional digital elevation models (DEMs) that analyze the impacts of shading obstructions, identify roof tilt, and estimate the amount of roof area that can used for a particular solar installation and are obtained with greatest degree of accuracy. 

Examples of such a solar panel cost calculator using LiDAR technology include tools from EnergySage, PickMySolar and Google Project Sunroof. The main reason these solar calculators have been developed is to reduce the solar acquisition cost to the end user.

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