Solar Powered Water Pumps

A solar power water pump is a machine that absorbs power from solar photovoltaic into its panels and uses that power to make its own electricity. When it comes to solar-powered technology, more panels mean more efficiency. This rule naturally applies to solar water pumps since the concept is all the same. This piece of machinery can be used with just about any source of water such as ponds, lakes, and wells.

If you live on a ranch, farm, or any other large area of land where you may not have constant access to electricity, these pumps might be just the right investment for you- if you’re willing to put a lot of money out in the beginning. We’ll discuss the price of these products later in this article, but first, there is one more important fact that you should be aware of.
These pumps are also more friendly to the environment than your average water pump. Since you’re not burning fuel or electricity while drawing water out, you’re therefore not putting harmful substances into the air.

These solar-powered water pumps can and will leave a gap in your wallet. However, their consideration for the environment is not their only strong suit. These pumps are an onetime investment, so while they seem like they are overpriced for the product that you will be receiving- you are also saving yourself from future payments for oil and electricity. The sun is your supplier, and it does not charge you for its service.
If you want an entire, high-end water pumping system, you will be looking at an average $500 for your purchase. You can also pick one up online in the ballpark of $250. These cheaper pumps guarantee to provide you with 2,100 gallons of water each day running off 120 Watts.

Benefits and Disadvantages


Of course, we have to have a section just for the benefits of the product. First of all, let me remind you just how much better these things are for our environment! When you use major devices like a water pump daily, if you’re running it off of burning fuel then you are emitting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs); whether you can actually see it happening or not. It is happening. Not to mention, the money that you will save from reducing high electric bills in the future. Furthermore, these pumps are extremely easy to install, low maintenance, and completely mobile if made to be mobile. You can also save a lot of time when you use them since they perform with unattended operation. Plus, if you are still going be using your regular water pump then you have a dependable battery backup in case anything happens. This way you can keep your water patterns the same.
There are only a few minor disadvantages to these pumps and depending on your situation they may even be irrelevant for you. The first disadvantage is the high initial cost as we discussed before. Then all you really have to worry about is how much water can be pumped on a cloudy day, and if your machine has received enough sunlight.

Different Types of Solar Water Pumps

Two different types of solar water pumps exist on two different levels.
• Type 1-1: First, there is the centrifugal pump. These kinds of water pumps use a rotation at a very high speed to pull water through the pump.
• Type 1-2: These pumps are called positive displacement pumps. Instead of using high-speed rotation to power itself, these use pistons instead.
Now here’s the second ‘level’ of different types of solar panel water pumps.
• Type 2-1: Surface pumps are the cheaper choice of the two on this list but like with most things cheaper does not automatically mean better. However, they are more convenient since they can be placed almost anywhere you need them. They don’t need to be submerged in water like these next pumps.
• Type 2-2: Submersible solar-powered water pumps are a bit more expensive than the surface pumps are, but if you’re going to be using your pump for something like a well then this may be the better option for you.
Solar water pumps come in a variety, with different prices and functions to suit each of the individual needs of each of its individual users.

Applications for Different Types of Solar Water Pumps

You can use these pumps in wells, ponds, and even in aquariums! The solar water pump is created to help cut back the cost of electricity when pumping water and to eliminate pollution in the air from burning fuel to power them. Since your source of electricity is simply sunlight, there are no unnecessary costs or harm to the environment when you use these. If you live in a region with lots of sunny days, this could be the product for you.

Since using solar power eliminates the need to create harmful pollutants, the air that you breathe and the land that you walk on will, therefore, stay cleaner. For example, the use of fossil fuel pumps creates pollution not only in the air but it also spills and leaks into your soil, creating an unhealthy environment for you, your animals, your land itself, and others who come onto your property.

Are solar water pumps worth it?

If you buy the right solar water pump then yes, it will indeed be a great investment. You’ll need to read all of the specifications of a pump before purchasing it to get good use out of it for your specific needs, though. Check how many panels it has, its size, how much water that model can pump in a certain period of time, and all other factors that may affect your use of the product.
Overall, there are not very many downsides to buying these contraptions, and there’s basically none if you have money to invest and live in a sunny area! So if you have the need for water to constantly be pumped, then you should definitely do something digging to find the right solar-powered water pump or fountain for you.