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Switchingtosolarpv.com is a platform for SwitchtoSolar Online MKT, LLC for generating online leads for online solar marketplaces.

We value the use of data science to help online users decide about clean energy options available to them. With data, it is possible to determine what options are cost-effective, feasible, or suitable for your pocket based on system size, performance, and affordability.

Today there is a lot of information available on the Internet; however, without data tools customized to fit your specific needs, it may take you longer to reach informed decisions.

A clean energy online customer seeks to reach informed decisions using personalized data based on location, design, energy demand, etc. and there are various platforms for this type of customer.

About Author: 

Alex N. Waithera is a clean energy enthusiast with a Master's degree in Environmental Management (University of Auckland) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry (University of Nairobi). He is the Founder of SwitchtoSolar Online MKT, LLC located in metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

He has international experience in renewable energy development and sustainability having worked for international organizations such as the World Bank Group (Global Environment Facility(GEF) Secretariat) in Washington DC.

He is passionate about promoting decision-making tools such as online platforms utilizing big data, data science, and machine learning to help online users decide about clean energy options available to them.